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    Everybody has a first song! What track introduced you to the band, and how – was it on the radio? At church? Via iTunes?

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    Love is Here. On the radio. I hated it. With a passion. A couple years later, I was staying at my friend’s house for a week, she was gone somewhere, I was bored and raided her music collection, found The Light Meets the Dark and fell in love with it.


    Pretty sure it was Love is Here. I loved music back then but I didn’t know or care about any of the artists, I just knew the songs. Then I got more interested back in 2010 and shortly thereafter heard a DJ on K-Love Radio talking about how much they loved TAN, so I decided to check the local public library. Came home with The Light Meets the Dark and the rest is history.


    Hold my heart. Tenth Avenue North was my friend’s favorite band and that was the first song he recommended me to listen to in my freshmen year at high school. Then I started listening to 89.3 KSBJ where they played other songs of them. Now I currently own 4 of their cd’s and are my favorite band.

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    Israel Defeo

    I heard Love Is Here at a local Christian radio station. I wanted to download it but no idea who sang it and what’s the title.

    Then couple of months after, I go to Youtube after watching Fireproof to search for the songs used in that movie. The You Are More screencap in the related-search-sidebar interests me so I open that. I quickly become a fan. I also solve the Love Is Here mystery lol.

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    “By Your Side” on the radio. I was on my way home from my best friend’s house after her mom died from brain cancer. My mom was at the hospital about to go into surgery for a brain tumor. I was a complete wreck mentally and emotionally. The song came on the radio, and I experienced the peace from God which surpasses understanding.

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    You are More By Tenth Avenue north… it kinda ironic because i was going through a ton of emotionally problems and so much pain…and it spoke so much to me in a way i couldn’t describe. it show me what is my ID and that i shouldn’t cut myself. I am more than an cutter like Mike Donehey said. 😀

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    I think mine was Times. Somewhere in the depths of Pandora. I didn’t like them at first :/ But they grew on me, especialy when I listened to Oh My Dear, which is now one of my favorite songs.

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    Oh, I should do mine.

    My friend recommended them to me over a facebook chat. I got hooked. I ordered Over and Underneath. I got more hooked. That was that :)

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    By Your Side from a friend. They have changed my life. You can’t find songs theirs, Mike really knows how to write and all I can say is they better not quit for a very very very long time!

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    Losing, I heard it because someone on twitter said Mike sounded like Dan Haseltine (of Jars Of Clay) I absolutely didn’t think so lol! But then there was my friend who posted Love Is Here lyrics on facebook, and strongly recommended them, so I got the albums and been a faithful fan ever since :)

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    By Your Side, through the radio, sometime back around 2008/9. I absolutely loved that song but couldn’t figure out who sang it. Then my bro shows me a video, “How To Own a Baseball Team” (I was like, does Mike really talk like that all the time? lol) tells me they’re who sang that song I love on the radio, and I’m hooked for life =D And now I hooked my best friend, Alyssa ^ a while ago =D

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    Randy Roy

    It was Healing Begins… and I kinda became obsessed with it. I am not sure how I found it… internet somewhere. But I was working at a summer camp that summer. I got nicknamed over how many times I played it.

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    Matt Paulson

    It has to be by your side the melodic beauty of the hooky guitar riff… Mikes haunting low tone… what an amazing song… Slow in tempo but the apregio gives it an upbeat feeling…


    My first Tenth Avenue North song was You are More, It would come on the radio all the time

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