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    KD Dela Cruz

    Love is Here. A pastor shared this song during a college fellowship at school in 2010. At that time I had no idea who Tenth Avenue North was. A few months later, my sister, who was looking for new songs and bands to listen to stumbled upon Tenth Avenue North. She showed me the music video of You are More. That got my attention.

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    Hold my Heart! I sung it all the time before I even relized who TAN was!


    I first heard TAN on the radio, i had no idea who they were, i just knew that I loved the song By Your Side. A few months later I rented the album Over and Underneath from my library, realized they had written that song,and absolutely fell in love with the band and with God.

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    My first Tenth Avenue North song was “By Your Side”.
    It was a time when I was very down and depressed, and an atheist friend of mine sent me this song. I fell in love with it at once, and about a month later I started listening to all their songs, and loved them just as much :)

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    Healing Begins, I heard it on the trailer for The Grace Card. I loved the song but did not know the name or who it was by… About a year later when I got hooked on K-love, it played and than when Scott and Kelly came on they said it was by Tenth Avenue North. I than looked them up and the rest is History! :)


    “Times” was the first song I had, I had it when my friend sent me some Christian songs during our missions, well I just don’t care the first I heard it, but when I played it again and again, I absorbed the message especially the Lyrics, wow it was so direct to me. Then that was the time I started to collect everything from them :)

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    corey powell

    hmm… my first TAN song i heard was Beloved. My older brother showed me and my siblings 4 years ago in the car, on an 8 hour trip to the creation museum in Kentucky.
    we listened to the whole album several times through on the way.

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    I was introduced to Tenth Avenue North when I was actually five or six. I heard “by your side” on the CD release day from the radio on the top twenty countdown and my sis wouldn’t stop listening to it. My interest was peaked when I heard “losing” and “worn” on K-Love and then when I sent “by your side” to an old friend. It was hopelessly lost from there!!! I’m happy that I got caught up in it!!! “dont look back…and we havent!” =D

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    probably strong enough to save :)


    My first song I heard was “By Your Side”. I LOVE THAT SONG SOO MUCH

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    Well my brother had some of there songs when I was younger. But i really got hooked when I heard there song Want What you Want. The first of there song I heard was Healing Begins i think

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    My first song was By Your Side. :)

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