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A Kingdom Come – Pre-Order bonus track for iTunes orders of The Struggle.

All The Pretty Things – Track 5 of The Light Meets the Dark

All The Same – Track 9 of The Struggle.

Any Other Way – Track 6 of The Light Meets the Dark


Beloved – Track 8 of Over and Underneath

BEST BAND EVER!! – Tenth Avenue North (Submitted by Grace)

BLAM! – The sound good advice makes (Source Video)

Break Me Down – Track 5 of Over and Underneath

Brendon Shirley – Keyboards for Tenth Avenue North.

Bunk Olympics – A game played on tour buses belonging to Tenth Avenue North.
RULES: “You get three tricks, best of three tricks wins.”

By Your Side – Track 3 of Over and Underneath


Cyborg – Jeff Owen. In the words of Mike, “Half Korean, half Irish. Half computer, half man.” (Submitted by Zibus)


Demetrius – The Russian bird trainer Mike plays in “How to Train Birds(Submitted by Zibus)

Don’t Look Back – The band’s first release! A 2003 album, released independently.

Don’t Stop the Madness – Track 5 of The Struggle.


Elephant – What God is not, because unlike the elephant, God forgets our sins! (Submitted by Mike)

Empty My Hands – Track 10 of The Light Meets the Dark


Famous 42nd Street – “Why is it famous, you ask? Heavens, I don’t know!” (Source Video)


Geetar – Mike’s take on the word “Guitar”

God With Us EP – Tenth’s final independent release, an EP put out in 2006.

Grace – Track 8 of The Struggle.

Great Sickness of ’09 – Two weeks of nonstop puking and coughing from the band members as documented in THIS journal.


Hallelujah – Track 11 of Over and Underneath

Healing Begins – Track 1 of The Light Meets the Dark

Hearts Safe (A Better Way) – Track 8 of The Light Meets the Dark

Heather Owen– Jeff’s wife (Submitted by Emily)

Hold My Heart – Track 6 of Over and Underneath

Hostage of Peace – Track 10 of The Struggle.

House of Mirrors – Track 9 of The Light Meets the Dark


Inside and In Between – Tenth’s first ever live album! A CD/DVD combo released in March 2011.


Jason Jamison – Drummer of Tenth Avenue North.

Jason Ingram – the band’s album producer (Submitted by Emily)

Jeff Owen – Lead guitarist of Tenth Avenue North.

Johnny Elett – Former tour manager (Submitted by Anna)


Kelly Donehey – Mike’s wife (Submitted by Emily)


Lamb of God – Track 12 of The Struggle.

Let it Go – Track 4 of Over and Underneath

Lift Us Up to Fall – Track 2 of Over and Underneath

Losing – The hit single off of the album The Struggle.

Love is Here – Track 1 of Over and Underneath.


Mac Powell – Member of Third Day? Nope, Mike’s otter friend.

Mike Donehey – Lead singer and acoustic guitarist of Tenth Avenue North.


Norman – The “real heavy sleeping” deer Mike met on the side of the road in Webisode No.7. “The flies buzzing around his head don’t even bother him.” (Submitted by Mike).


Oh My Dear – Track 11 of The Light Meets the Dark

On And On – Track 7 of The Light Meets the Dark

Over and Underneath – Tenth Avenue North’s first studio album release! Their breakout hit featuring fan favorites “By Your Side” and “Times.”




Rawhide – The name of the band’s van from the Over and Underneath years.

Ruben Juarez – Bass player for Tenth Avenue North.


Satisfy – Track 10 of Over and Underneath

Scott Sanders – Former bass player who played during the independent years and Over and Underneath. He was replaced by Ruben in 2009. (Submitted by Zibus)

Shadows – Track 1 of The Struggle.

Speaking of Silence – Tenth Avenue North’s second record, released independently.

Strong Enough To Save – Track 2 of Over and Underneath

Strangers Here – Track 7 of The Struggle.


Ted the Giant Buffalo – The unconquerable buffalo, successfully ridden by the band.

The Light Meets the Dark – The follow up release to the hit album, Over and Underneath, The Light Meets the Dark features fan favorites “You Are More” and “Healing Begins.”

The Truth Is Who You Are – Track 4 of The Light Meets the Dark

Times – Track 7 of Over and Underneath

The Struggle –  (1) The newest album from Tenth Avenue North, released August 21, 2012. (2) Track 2 of The Struggle.

Tim Combs – Tenth Avenue North’s road manager.



Van Wrestling – the consequence of being inside a van for too long.

Vlademir – Demetrius’s assistant in “How to Train Birds” played by Colton from Matt Maher. (Submitted by Zibus).


Whitealoompa – the various white creatures in the “Deck the Halls” music video.

Where Life Will Never Die – Track 6 of The Struggle.

Worn – Track 3 of The Struggle.



You Are – Track 9 of Over and Underneath

You Are More – Track 3 of The Light Meets the Dark

You Do All Things Well – Track 11 of The Struggle.




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