So you think you’re a Tenth Ave fan? These are a list of some common traits submitted entirely by the biggest and baddest fans on the site. Read through the list below and submit your own traits using the form at the end of the page!

You Know You’re A Tenth Avenue North Fan When…

  1. You have all of their music – even the independent and rare albums
  2. You write song lyrics all over your binders and papers
  3. Instead of singing the lyrics, you sing the bass part in “Healing Begins”
  4. You participate in Bunk Olympics with your friends
  5. You can wrap your arm around your head and touch your ear like Jason
  6. You wish you could dance like Mike (err… I mean “Dimitri”) in How to Train Birds
  7. You dance, sing, and/or freak out when one of their songs comes on the radio
  8. You know how to own a baseball team
  9. You wish you could be like Jason and throw soccer balls into basketball nets…backwards
  10. You’ve contributed one or more traits to this list
  11. You constantly quote the band members
  12. Your dreams consist of Tenth Avenue North 90% of the time
  13. You commonly confuse “Brandon” for “Brendon”
  14. You’ve seen them in concert at least once
  15. You’re willing to drive at least an hour to see them play
  16. You write a letter to the band, dreaming of giving it to them and over time keep adding reasons you love them :)
  17. The two words your family hears the most often is “Mike says…” 
  18. Every time someone says they are afraid, you tell them that fear is just a lie.
  19. The word “Tan” has nothing to do with being in the sun.
  20. If your mom constantly calls them north tenth street when referring to them :)
  21. You put UR> as your cell phone’s text signature and people keep asking if you have a typo
  22. Your favorite colors are blue and tan
  23. People give you weird looks when you tell them your dream vacation is to go Florida and get your picture taken with a street sign
  24. You identify with many of the items on this list!
  25. One of their songs comes on the radio for the first time and you know what track of which album it is….
  26. You try to watch every single YouTube video related to Tenth Avenue North. :)
  27. You are so curious about Mike’s tattoo. And you know that it’s the (first) “” logo and (second) “love is as strong as death.” (Song of Solomon 8:6)
  28. Your brother threatens to make a band called Ninth Street South if you dont shut up about Tenth Avenue North
  29. You go nuts with excitement after learning to play the intro to one of their songs.
  30. Your computer is full of pictures of Mike :p
  31. You listen to them EVERY DAY!!
  32. 10 is your favorite number
  33. You’re on the Tenth AveNews email list!!
  34. You find out they are coming to a city somewhere within a 5 hour radius of you, then beg your parents to buy tickets and then everyday you yell out how many days left till you see them!
  35. You know you’re a Tenth Avenue North fan when you still laugh every time you hear the Outro hidden track on Speaking of Silence!!
  36. When someone says compass, you immediately think “north”, leading to thinking of your favorite band! :D
  37. When you type “tan” on your phone, it auto-corrects to Tenth Avenue North, and when you type “TAN!” it auto-corrects to TENTH AVENUE NORTH!!
  38. Your One Direction is Tenth Avenue North!
  39. You know all the names and birthdays of the band members.
  40. Anytime you hear someone talking about the month of August, you think about The Struggle releasing on August 21, 2012!
  41. You spend over 2 hours on tenth avenue nation :)
  42. All of the above!
  43. You get mad when someone spells Mike’s last name “Downhey.”
  44. When the neighbors give you weird looks for talking to “Mike” on your daily runs and bike rides with him :p
  45. When your youth pastor constantly makes fun of you for loving them so much.
  46. When one of their songs play on the radio, you turn up the volume, annoying everybody else in the car :)
  47. Any time you see the word tenth, avenue, or north in any completely unrelated circumstance, you do a double take
  48. When you choose your summer Christian Music festival based on where TAN is going to be
  49. When you’re sure that all of your YouTube channel’s subscriber’s homepages are constantly filled with TAN videos you liked, uploaded, or marked as a favorite.
  50. When you text your boyfriend about Tenth Avenue North more than anything else
  51. You have arguments with your best friends over who loves Mike more, consisting of how he’s putting you in music videos, you babysit the girls, you were at their wedding, etc
  52. Your WHOLE youth group makes fun of your obsession with Tenth Avenue North :)
  53. When you’re in the car and you scream because a tenth avenue north song came on and your mom/dad almost gets into a car accident
  54. When you’ve been to THREE of their concerts and remember all the dates!
  55. You ALWAYS clap like Jeff during the bridge in “Losing” and dance whenever you hear the song!
  56. The one accessory you NEVER take off is your T.A.N bracelet
  57. You can text or type the words tenth avenue north in your sleep
  58. Your favorite app is the T.A.N app.
  59. You know you’re a TAN fan when you’re listening to their new CD, looking at the lyrics, and surfing through their website at the same time.
  60. When you find yourself daydreaming and planning out the fastest route to get your copy of The Struggle.
  61. When your volleyball coach yells, “Don’t stop!” and you automatically start singing “Don’t Stop the Madness”.
  62. The fact that I’m reading these – again!
  63. Anytime I see any one of the band’s first or last names, I read the ENTIRE paragraph to see if it’s about Tenth Avenue North! :)
  64. You have tried to talk in a Russian accent just like “Dimitri”
  65. You know how to own a baseball team
  66. You actually know who Dimitri is. And you know that when you “slap birds in face” you must not do it with intentional ill-will or malice.
  67. When you see a street sign Tenth Ave North even though it’s not in florida and you stop to take a picture with it
  68. You have one of their songs stuck in your head for a few weeks, and when that song isn’t in your head anymore, it’s another Tenth Ave song instead.
  69. You are constantly talking about Tenth Avenue North and your friends always get annoyed but you don’t care
  70. When it’s a few weeks before you see them and you rewrite a letter to them about 20 billion times and never get it perfect, but give it to them anyways.
  71. When you can recite every word to how to train birds in a Russian accent.
  72. When you finally meet them, even if it’s just one of the band members, you get really hyper and start being an awkward turtle, but don’t care.
  73. When you and your best friend only listen to TAN and when you do, one sings the harmony and the other sings the melody
  74. When you see the word “cyborg” you automatically think of Jeff.
  75. Your friends get annoyed when you ask if they have heard of Tenth Avenue North. (for the 9,999,999th time)
  76. When you beg your parents to get backstage passes to one of their concerts just so you can meet the band
  77. When you pick “MY ENTIRE FANDOM COMES DOWN TO THIS I NEED TO DO WELL AND I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I AM AT 100%.” on the Tenth Avenue Nation Trivia test and then feel like a creepy stalker when you get “90-100% Unreal”.
  78. If you find yourself saying “Czech it” all the time.
  79. When you have all the “yeahh, Oohh” parts Mike sings memorized.
  80. When you’ve had deep, raw conversations with your friends because of Healing Begins
  81. When someone asks you about Tenth Ave and your friend is all like NOOO don’t get her started on that she’ll be talking for hours
  82. When you have met at least one of the band members
  83. When your life has been changed by them
  84. When you suffer from severe PCD (Post Concert Depression) for many months after the concert
  85. When you create a twitter just to follow Tenth Ave people
  86. When you first heard “Deck the Halls” on the radio you freaked out, ran over to the radio, blasted it, started jumping and dancing around and totally killed the choreographed dance.
  87. When you know all Tenth Ave stuff before anyone else because of Tenth Avenue Nation
  88. When you love Tenth Avenue Nation
  89. You’ve already sent in about 20 fan traits then you realize you forgot a couple good ones and have to come back
  90. When you catch yourself singing a Tenth Avenue North song in your sleep!
  91. When you are in a really tough time and you listen to Tenth Avenue North and pray to God, then feel better :)
  92. You make your own Tenth Avenue North shirts
  93. When you are sleeping and then someone says “Tenth Avenue North” and you suddenly wake up
  94. When you go to see them in a city they can’t pronounce like “Mukwonago.”
  95. When Tenth Avenue North favorites one of your tweets and you freak out :)
  96. All your friends are fully educated in training birds and owning baseball teams.
  97. You start to say “Tenth Avenue North” and you friends scream “NOOOOOOO!” because you talk about them all the time and once you start, you don’t shut up :)
  98. Any time you are driving and see ‘(any number) Avenue’, you look crazily for Tenth Avenue North
  99. When you talk about then so much that only the first syllable of “Tenth” can come out of your mouth, and everyone knows what you’re talking about.
  100. You totally freak out when someone sees your TAN shirt and says that they love the band!
  101. You pause the YouTube video of “How To Train Birds” right at the time when it shows the hidden credits.
  102. When you favorite EVERY SINGLE video of theirs on YouTube
  103. When someone sees your tenth avenue north shirt and asks you what it means and they end up knowing everything about tenth avenue north
  104. When you remember every date of anything ever important in Tenth Avenue North’s band history and also dates to every TAN concert you’ve attended
  105. Your desktop background is Tenth Avenue North!
  106. When you sing one of TAN’s songs in the streetlight in your neighborhood at night.
  107. You’re shaking your head ‘yes’ for about 99.99% of these right now…aren’t you?
  108. When your pastor says no man is an island and you shout Amen
  109. When you suggest TAN’s songs to your friends.
  110. You only go to concerts if Tenth Avenue North will be there
  111. Constantly using one of their quotes and your friends roll their eyes at you
  112. You’ve hugged Mike. (been there, done that)
  113. You’re TOO excited that The Struggle album came out on your birthday!
  114. When you think of Brendon “maaaa”ing every time you see a goat.
  115. You screenshot all of their snapchats
  116. You change your lock screen to a different picture of TAN every day.
  117. You camp out until midnight and then buy Cathedrals and play it on repeat all day!!!
  118. When you attend Palm Beach Atlantic University just because Tenth Avenue North started there :)
  119. When your day is instantly better if they make new snapchats