A list of answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re planning on asking us a common question in an email or comment, check this page first!

OMG, Tenth Avenue North, can you, like, pleeeeease come to (insert city here) soon?!?!?

The band itself doesn’t usually pick their tour locations. More often, it’s booked by the venue/festival and put through their booking agency. Flooding city requests to the band’s twitter, facebook, or website will not increase your chances of a tour stop. Let your local venue or christian music festival know that you’d be interested in seeing Tenth Avenue North play, and they may or may not comply to your request!

How can I talk to the band?

The best way to speak to the band is, obviously, face-to-face. Meet & Greets happen at many shows and festivals, which give fans a great chance to connect with the members of the band. If you’re looking to write a letter to Tenth Avenue North, look for members of the band or tour roadies while at a show – additionally, click HERE to assure that your letter is delivered through our Beyond Words program.

Where do the band members live?

Nashville, TN.

Where do you get all of your information?

Most of Tenth Avenue Nation’s information is researched by myself (Alex) or sent in by fans. You guys are a huge part of the site and contribute to more sections than I do!

What is tattooed on Mike’s arm?

The tattoo on Mike’s arm is the desiringGod logo and a line from Solomon 8:6, “For love is as strong as death.”

Could I join the band?

Right now Tenth Avenue North isn’t looking for any new band members, as they have a lead singer, lead guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, and drummer.

Can I purchase the old independent records?

Tenth’s record deal forbids them from selling the old records, but you can stream them off of YouTube and may be able to find used copies on eBay.

If your question is not listed on this page, please send your inquiry to help@tenthavenuenation.com or through our contact page.