We announced on July 9, 2012 that we would be starting our first ever site project! It was called “Beyond Words”, named after the Tenth Avenue North song, and the objective was simple: to write letters to the band. Once the letters were all submitted, we would compile them into a book and hand it over to the guys on August 7, 2012! From July 9-20, over 40 letters flooded in from around the world and the book was soon printed. We gave the book to the guys and they were thrilled to get it! They recorded a video thanking fans who sent in letters:


A few photos of the book:


What did the band have to say about the book?

Here’s one the guys posted on their instagram of Alex, them, and the book:


Mike posted this photo, saying, “On a plane to NYC, in tears reading these letters that Tenth Avenue Nation put together. Thank you so much for sharing your stories!”


Mike tweeted a line from a letter:


A video later surfaced of Mike talking about us and the Beyond Words book with Sirius XM radio: (Skip to 1:26)


The entire project was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated. (Click HERE to deliver your letter in our ongoing Beyond Words project!)

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